Our delicious wine gums come in the classic wine gums shapes and are tasty sugar free sweets.

70g & 100g

Wonderful Wine Gums

Gorgeous Gummy Bears

Our yummy Gummy Bears come in all different colours and taste great whilst being sugar free.

70g & 100g

Cool Cola Bottles

The classic cola bottle has been reinvented as sugar free tasty sweet!

70g & 100g

Marvellous Midget Gems

Our Midget Gems come in Pomegranate & raspberry and Blackcurrant flavours.


Rockin' Rhubarb & Custard

One of the UK's favourites deserts is now a delicious sugar free sweet!


Lovely Lollipops

Our delicious Strawberry and Cola lollipops can be the quick sugar free fix you need... 


Perfect Pear Drops

Our tasty little pear drops are yummy alternatives to sweets with sugar.