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For the love of….

The benefits of going vegan

For those that are already vegan, the benefits of veganism are pretty clear to see.

However, there are some people out there that need a little bit more convincing.

A recent article on the Guardian talked about how eating meat regularly can put you at a higher risk of developing certain diseases, and it got us here at Free From Fellows thinking…

When you choose to go vegan, you don’t just do it for you.

Though there are indeed a plethora of personal benefits, when you go vegan - you also do it for the love of animals, for other people, and for the planet we live on, too...

For the love of animals

Playing a part in preventing the ill-treatment of animals is one of the key driving factors behind somebody choosing to go vegan, and stay vegan.

Avoiding animal products is one of the best ways to take a stand against animal cruelty - not just where you live, but across the globe.

So, for every bag of Free From Fellows vegan, gelatine free, sugar-free sweets you tuck into, a furry friend somewhere will thank you.

For the love of your health

The article we mentioned before talked about how eating meat regularly can increase your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia and some other pretty serious illnesses.

This is another huge benefit of going vegan.

There’s also research out there to suggest that vegan diets can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and even reduce your chances of being diagnosed with some types of cancer.

Not just that, but going vegan gives you a great opportunity to learn new things about nutrition and cooking, all while making positive changes to your diet.

Getting your nutrients from plant-based foods and snacks, such as Free From Fellows vegan, sugar-free sweets, is a great way to ensure you’re doing your bit for your heart.

As experts in all things vegan and gelatine free, Free From Fellows share the benefits of going vegan and making easy vegan swaps.
Free From Fellows Vegan & Gelatine Free Sweets

For the love of the environment

The production of meat and other animal products places a huge strain on the environment and the health of our sacred planet - from crops and water required to feed the animals, to the transport and other processes involved.

So, by choosing a plant-based diet, like us at Free From Fellows, you’re doing your bit to save the planet too.

Making the swap

It’s easy to make simple swaps in your shopping basket to introduce vegan products into your diet. Try swapping out butter for vegan spread or ditching the Nutella for a vegan and palm oil free alternative.

Most supermarkets and health stores now have vegan and plant-based aisles that make these swaps even easier to accommodate.

Why don’t you swap your normal go-to sweets with our gelatine-free gummy bears, or why not try our delicious vegan wine gums for a guilt-free sweet treat.

An easy swap that makes a big difference.

What are your favourite Free From Fellows snacks?

Get in touch on our social media channels and let us know.



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