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Celebrating World Vegan Day

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

For vegans, every day is a celebration of plant-based diets. But when Nov. 1 rolls around, it’s worth taking a little extra effort to think of ways to celebrate World Vegan Day. This special day showcases a cruelty-free lifestyle and all the reasons why vegans choose to adopt it. Plus, it is also a wonderful chance for individuals to highlight everything they love about veganism. We’ve compiled a list of how to celebrate below.

1. Expand your knowledge

November 1st is the perfect day to expand your knowledge regarding veganism. Maybe you could read a new book, watch a documentary or read up on the latest research - you can never know enough about a topic.

2. Try a new recipe

Celebrate World Vegan Day by trying out a new recipe. This is especially ideal if you tend to stick to the same meals every week. There are so many delicious recipes out there!

3. Cook for non-vegans

While you're at it, share your delicious meal ideas with people who typically do not eat vegan meals. This can be anyone from your co-workers to your family. It's an awesome way to share a little piece of your world. It's a lovely way to spread awareness, too.

4. Make a vegan beauty product

Veganism doesn't stop at the food on your plate. The products that you put on your body make a difference, too. And since homemade beauty products are all about the natural ingredients, there's a good chance that you already have ingredients in your kitchen. Start with something simple, like mixing lavender oil with coconut oil to make luscious shaving cream.

5. Enjoy some sweets

Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious sweets. Free From Fellows are sugar free, gelatine free and gluten free, whilst still being mouth wateringly tasty!



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